Back to Basics – 3 Crucial Aspects of Compliance Work | 11 June 2020

In this seminar we go back to basics and focus on three crucial aspects of compliance work, including knowing your powers and when to use them; what evidence you should collect and how, and what steps you need to take to ensure you can identify the person responsible for a contravention.

Drawing from problems that we regularly see in compliance work by councils, as well as important case law in the area, this seminar is designed to help you better understand your role as a compliance officer, so that you can carry out your work with greater confidence.

The Seminar be relevant to those Council officers that primarily undertake investigations under EPA Act, POEO Act as well as LG Act.

Presenters: Carlo Zoppo & Anna Sinclair

The PowerPoint slides can be accessed here

A copy of the recording is available for viewing here