Buying land without a formal exchange of contracts

27 Mar, 2014

Can you buy land in New South Wales without a formal exchange of contracts?  The answer from a recent Supreme Court case is that legally there is nothing to stop parties from contracting without following the normal practice of a…

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More on ‘best’ or ‘reasonable’ endeavours clauses

16 Mar, 2014

We previously blogged on a case which discussed what ‘best’ or  ‘reasonable’ endeavours means in a commercial contract in a development context: here. A new High Court decision provides further guidance about how these obligations are to be construed.

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Compulsory Acquisition of Reserve Trust Land

4 Mar, 2014

Tempe Recreation (D.500215 & D.1000502) Reserve Trust v Sydney Water Corporation [2013] NSWLEC 221, is the first case to consider s106A of the Crown Lands Act 1989 (CL Act) which relates to the compulsory acquisition of reserve trust land under the…

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