Heritage impact planning principle repealed

28 Oct, 2014

In Comino v Council of the City of Sydney,  the Land and Environment Court has repealed the planning principle relating to development affecting, or affected by, the curtilage of an item of heritage significance. The Court held that the planning principle in…

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Service of orders under the LG Act : a salutory reminder

15 Oct, 2014

The Local Government Act 1993 authorises the service of statutory orders on an individual by sending the order by prepaid post to the recipient. It might also be thought that it would be sufficient to leave an order in the recipient’s mailbox. But…

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Tough new penalties for planning breaches in NSW

14 Oct, 2014

NSW Minister for Planning Pru Goward this week announced an increase in the maximum penalties available to the Land and Environment Court (the Court) against individuals and companies who contravene planning rules. Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979…

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Easements for Council Water and Sewer Works?

9 Oct, 2014

We are often asked whether a local council requires an easement for its water and sewer works (including underground pipes) to remain on private land and to enable the council to enter onto private land to carry out works on that…

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