Reminder: Validly issuing a Development Control Order

10 Jan, 2024

A relevant enforcement authority (including a local council) can issue a development control order (DCO) in certain circumstances to require a person to do or refrain from doing things to ensure compliance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979…

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New NSW Coastal Design Guidelines and Coastal Crown Land Guidelines

11 Dec, 2023

The Department of Planning and Environment (Department) recently published the NSW Coastal Design Guidelines 2023 (Coastal Design Guidelines) and the Coastal Crown Land Guidelines 2023 (Coastal Crown Land Guidelines). Coastal Design GuidelinesĀ  We previously discussed a draft of the Coastal…

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When is a height control a development standard?

31 May, 2023

The question of whether a particular clause is or is not a development standard has been a matter of considerable debate over many years. As discussed in our earlier blog here (Subdivisions and Development Standards), where a clause in an…

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IPC Advice on Short-Term Rental Accommodation – Key Takeaways

17 May, 2023

Short-term rental accommodations (STRA), such as those offered through Airbnb and other similar online platforms have become increasingly popular in tourist destinations across Australia, particularly in desirable coastal regional locations. However, the rapid growth of the STRA industry is thought…

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