Winding back of coastal protection laws

12 Nov, 2012

On 22 October 2012 the Coastal Protection Amendment Act 2012 (Amendment Act) was passed. It has not yet commenced. Once it does commence, it will amend the Coastal Protection Act 1979 (Act) in a number of ways which could be seen…

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Development Contributions & The Carbon Tax

6 Aug, 2012

In simple terms, the mechanisms established by the Clean Energy Act 2011 (Cth) to deal with climate change include establishing thresholds for greenhouse gas emissions and imposing unit shortfall charges measured in carbon units for emissions that exceed the threshold. This is what is commonly referred…

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New Scheme For Levying Charges For Environmental Upgrades

16 Feb, 2011

Councils will soon have the option of participating in a scheme to encourage upgrades of existing commercial and large strata residential buildings which will improve the energy, water and environmental efficiency or sustainability of the buildings. The scheme will be…

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