dr matthew mcnamara | LTL | specialist planning, environment, local government law firm

dr matthew mcnamara | chief executive officer 

BSc (Pysch) Hons - unsw

BA Hons 1 & University Medal - university of sydney
PhD - university of sydney

D: +61 2 8235 9790

E: matthew.mcnamara@lindsaytaylorlawyers.com.au

Matthew is committed to ensuring that our high calibre lawyers are backed by systems and resources that meet the highest quality standards. In doing so, he works closely with our partners, other lawyers and administrative staff to ensure that the firm's systems actively assist them in providing our clients with cost effective legal services that are of consistent high quality.

Matthew is also responsibile for ensuring that all of our team are provided with an environment that allows them to function to their full potential. 

Since Matthew joined the firm in 2007, he has overseen the creation of the firm's website; the development of our in focus forum for legal updates; the customisation and roll out of our fully integrated practice management system; and managed the selection, fit out and move into our current premises at 420 George St.