Public asset management

Deep knowledge of your operating environment

 LTL understands that a local government’s regulatory framework means that asset management – whether it be construction, acquisition, operation or disposal – works in a very different way than organisations in the private sector.

Local government asset managers need access to lawyers with specialist insight that combines both operational and regulatory expertise, and who can work in an environment where probity and commercial concerns are equally important.

Working with our regional and metropolitan councils, and based on substantial in-house local government experience, LTL’s expertise covers the full range of council business units and community services, including roads and airports, water and sewer networks, waste transfer stations and resource recovery sites, swimming pools and libraries, parks and playgrounds, stock yards and showgrounds, affordable housing stock and commercial premises.

Where we can assist

 When dealing with the management of public assets, our work with our local government clients covers:

  • tendering and procurement, including documentation, assessment, probity and governance matters
  • development agreements, including drafting, negotiation and advice
  • the use of planning agreements for the provision of public infrastructure, including drafting, negotiation and advice
  • building and construction contracts and contractor agreements, including drafting, negotiation and advice
  • advice and representation in relation to the default or insolvency of council contractors
  • advice on insurance, indemnities and warranties relating to building and construction contracts and asset management
  • joint venture and consortium arrangements, including drafting, negotiation and advice
  • public-private partnership arrangements, including drafting, negotiation and advice
  • infrastructure funding arrangements for public infrastructure and affordable housing
  • Commonwealth funding arrangements and legal documentation relating to grants programs
  • environmental assessment of roads, water and sewerage and other council infrastructure projects, including statutory requirements, adequacy and liaison with consultants
  • advice on Roads Act 1993 issues, including matters relating to works on public roads and footpaths, encroachments, closure of public roads, activities on public roads and footpaths, footpath dining, street vending, advertising, utility services and conduits
  • advice on easements for council services and entry onto land to inspect, maintain and repair council infrastructure and services
  • advice on land acquisition and just terms compensation matters
  • advice on and review of leases and licences of community and operation land
  • waste management, pollution and contaminated land issues
  • water supply authority issues
  • development servicing plans and charges and works agreements
  • street sweeping issues
  • Council airport and depot issues