Servicing the development industry with specialist planning & development expertise

LTL has specialist experience working with the development  industry in NSW, including developers, landowners, town planners, certifiers and architects.

We provide legal advice and representations that allows private sector, government and institutional developers reach their commercial objectives as well as meet their legal obligations.

We help deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions to a full range of legal problems, from assisting developers and landowners unlock the development potential of land by effectively negotiating and drafting VPAs, advising on planning proposals and state significant projects, to representing our clients in the Land & Environment Court and other tribunals.

A commercial focus, as well as a legal one

Our partners have been helping property developers achieve their strategic objectives long before LTL opened its doors in 2004.

We know that in the development industry, time sensitive results are critical.

For that reason we always provide timely, accurate and commercial advice that keeps delays to a minimum and ensures that, as much as possible, your commercial objectives can be met.

That means, while we are experts in litigation, we won’t advise you to take your matter straight to court unless it really is in your interests to do so. We believe in the power of using informal methods such as mediation and negotiation to settle disputes with a focus on timeliness and value for money.

Legal solutions from all angles

One factor that sets us apart from other law firms operating in the environmental and planning law space is that in addition to our work with the development industry, we are equally at home working with state and local government.

In other words, we have developed a deep understanding of the inner-workings and objectives of the regulators as well as the regulated.

When we advise you on the best approach in your matter, we look at the problem from all angles, including the other sides case and their objectives. That way, we give you the very best chance of reaching a workable solution that protects and enforces your interests while also being acceptable to all parties involved.

Concrete steps you can enact immediately

We also believe that being commercial means helping you move forward in the simplest way possible. So our advice isn’t just academic. It provides you with practical steps you can put in place straight away.

We also take a big picture approach that assesses the real level of risk and gives you alternatives based on real world pragmatism, not simply legal theory.

After all, we want to help you achieve your commercial objectives, not stand in the way of them.

Development industry experience

  • advising on a proposal for a state and local planning agreement and infrastructure delivery arrangements (sewer, water and land for a public school)  in regional NSW associated with a development for 2,000 dwellings
  • advising and representing a state owned corporation in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and in High Court special leave proceedings seeking to overturn the acquisition of land and assets for the purpose of a major metropolitan redevelopment project
  • advising and representing a property developer in Land & Environment Court Class 1 appeal against Ku-ring-gai Council for demolition of existing dwellings and construction of a residential flat building
  • advising a property developer on compatibility of its development with and the relevance of the Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy
  • negotiating and drafting a planning agreement for a large land release in regional NSW for a 5,500 dwellings development
  • advising and representing a property developer in Land & Environment Court Class 1 appeal against Liverpool City Council in relation to a proposed motorway service centre
  • negotiating and drafting a planning agreement, including amendments to the planning agreement for an employment area land development in metropolitan Sydney
  • advising a self-storage client on the reasonableness of development contributions imposed on its consent for a warehouse
  • advising and representing a developer in Land & Environment Court Class 1 appeal against the Minister for Planning  regarding the modification of conditions of consent associated with a transitional part 3A project
  • advising a residential property developer on its liability for affordable housing contributions for a residential high rise development
  • advising and representing a property developer in Land & Environment Court Class 1 appeal against Lane Cove Council for modification of conditions of consent associated with demolition of existing dwellings and construction of a residential flat building


Development industry expertise

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