Local Government & administrative law

Sophisticated and complex operations require clear and straightforward legal solutions

 Local Government covers a breadth and depth of operations unlike any in the private sector. Unsurprisingly, these operations are accompanied by a complex web of legislation, regulations and case law that goes well beyond the Local Government Act 1993.

LTL’s senior practitioners have recognised expertise and experience in all areas of local government and broader administrative law, including the full range of ancillary legislation affecting local government.

Our partners have all worked in NSW local and state government agencies, on either a permanent or secondment basis. We have a strong understanding of how government works and of its risk profile.

Our lawyers are proud to act for local government and offer robust and trusted legal services to rural, regional and metropolitan councils across NSW.

Where we can assist

 The legal services we offer to our local government clients include, but are not limited to:

  • all aspects of governance and probity including the powers and duties of the council and the roles and responsibilities of the mayor, councillors, the general manager and staff under the Local Government Act 1993 and other legislation
  • the powers and duties of Ministers, State government agencies and officials, and other persons or bodies under legislation affecting local government
  • judicial review of local and state government decisions in the Land & Environment Court
  • commercial and other disputes in the Supreme Court of NSW
  • rates, charges and fees
  • management plans, accounting, auditing and reporting
  • public information and privacy issues
  • tendering & procurement
  • trade practices, fair trading issues, and compensation issues affecting council businesses
  • land related issues, including: land transactions and the development of council-owned land; classification and reclassification of public land; and the valuation of land including compulsory acquisition and just terms compensation
  • issues relating to waste management, water supply and sewer
  • contaminated land management, pollution control and remediation of land
  • issues relating to public roads, public reserves, Crown Land and the like