Planning & development

High level experience representing both regulators and the regulated

Our planning and development clients include some of Australia’s largest public, private and institutional developers as well as state government authorities, and metropolitan and regional councils.

Whether we are acting with consent authorities or key players in the development industry, our specialist lawyers are equally adept at assisting our clients in achieving their desired outcomes across the full range of planning and development matters.

From major land release projects and planning proposals to discrete issues of complying development certifications, characterisation or permissibility, we are recognised by our clients and the wider legal industry for our outstanding technical legal expertise, and for providing strategic advice that is grounded in today’s commercial realities.

Where we can assist

 Working with our clients and allied development industry professionals, LTL offers the full range of services relating to planning and development, including:

  • advising on all aspects of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW)
  • interpretation and application of State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) and Local Environment Plans (LEPs)
  • interpretation and application of related legislation involving heritage, environment protection and biodiversity, contaminated land, threatened species conservation, national parks and wildlife, rural fire and water management, and native vegetation
  • representation in Land and Environment Court litigation, including appeals, prosecutions and civil enforcement actions as well as appeals to superior courts
  • rezoning applications, including spot rezonings and rezonings for brownfield and greenfield developments
  • development applications and development consents, including staged development applications, concept plans, master plans
  • State Significant Development and Transitional part 3A projects, including concept plan and project approval modifications, project applications and statements of commitments
  • advice regarding existing use rights and continuing use rights
  • advice regarding environmental impact assessment, including designated development, environmental impact statements and the like
  • advice regarding the powers of consent authorities, determining authorities, the Planning Assessment Commission, local planning panels, planning arbitrators and independent hearing and assessment panels
  • advice on objections to rezoning applications, development applications and environmental impact statements
  • major land release projects, including zoning, development and infrastructure delivery issues
  • advice regarding residential, industrial, commercial, mining and rural subdivision and development
  • development contributions, planning agreements and works-in-kind agreements, public-private partnership arrangements and infrastructure agreements
  • advice regarding environmental planning instruments, precinct plans, development control plans, contributions plans and other statutory planning controls
  • advice regarding heritage protection
  • advice regarding rating, valuation and compulsory acquisition of land, including just terms compensation
  • advice regarding the classification and reclassification of public land
  • issues relating to public roads, public reserves, Crown land and the like