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Is LTL right for you? Are you right for LTL?

LTL is a proudly independent law firm specialising in planning, environment and government law.

Over the last 20 years, we have earned a reputation for offering the very best legal advice and representation in our areas of expertise.

As a firm, we know what we do well and we have chosen to do it. We are experts in our areas of law but we understand in the modern market that is not enough.

We are timely, we are responsive and we understand our client’s needs. Most of all we believe in being cost effective for our clients.

We’ve only been able to achieve what we have by employing the very best people.

LTL people are those who could reach the top in a top tier law firm but who are smart enough to have realised that career progression and fulfilment can be found elsewhere.

LTL people are those who want to compete against themselves not against their colleagues.

So, if you’d like to be part of a true team that prides itself on its intellectual rigour and want to leave behind the constraints of top tier law firms, we encourage you to apply to join us.

Why choose LTL?

Building a rewarding and successful career in the law means being able to work on the best matters while you learn from practitioners at the top of their field.

It also means having the confidence of knowing that your knowledge and skills are valued by your clients and recognised by the wider industry.

We offer you the opportunity to work with a premier client base consisting of state and local government agencies and major private sector developers. The work and projects we receive are complex and challenging. You will never be bored.

When you join us you will work directly with partners who are experts in their field. Our team boasts some of New South Wales’ best recognised experts in planning, environmental, administrative and government law.

All have top-tier experience but have chosen to practice in a more dynamic firm where their skill and expertise is directly rewarded and advancement is based solely on merit rather than firm wide quotas.

Grow your career with us

LTL doesn’t seek to be a full service law firm and we will never be Australia’s biggest firm but that doesn’t mean that our opportunities for growth – or your opportunities for progression – are limited.

Our firm is undergoing a prolonged period of strong and sustained growth that is directly related to the satisfaction of our clients and the satisfaction of our people.

We’re looking for people who have the potential to grow with us. That means we give you the opportunity to progress your career in a way that you wouldn’t have the chance to at many other firms.

Because we’re committed to employing the very best people, it should go without saying that we will offer you an attractive salary package that matches your abilities and experience.

We also provide you with the support and mentoring you need to reach your full potential. Including funding ongoing training and postgraduate study for our staff, additional annual leave and other benefits.

Your life outside of the office

We expect that all of our people – no matter their background, no matter their role – are high-achieving and hard-working professionals.

We expect that within your chosen field you will strive to be the best that you can be.

We don’t expect, however, that you will sacrifice everything for your career.

All of our people have lives outside of the office. And so, LTL have a demonstrated commitment and the resources to assist them make the most of those lives.

At our most basic level, in recognition that lawyers work hard and to encourage our lawyers to take time during the year to recharge their batteries, we are proud  to offer as standard 5 weeks annual leave (pro-rated) for all of our lawyers from graduate to partner.

But we also recognise that working 5 days a week in the office doesn’t work for every employee or their families.

We are proud to offer flexible working opportunities for our team – whether it be regularly working from home, working part-time or simply the flexibility to respond to our increasingly busy lives as and when needed.

The numbers speak for themselves: in 2018 over 40% of LTL staff – including partners, senior associates, and admin staff, both male and female – were taking advantage of some sort of permanent flexible working arrangement. For some people, this helps them to undertake further studies, for others it is to look after children or families, whilst others were using it to pursue their (non-legal) creative passions.

LTL is also committed to paid parental leave policies that match or exceed many top and mid-tier law firms. Offering a maximum of 18 weeks paid parental leave for a primary carer, we make no distinction on the basis of gender nor on whether you are employed as a lawyer or as a member of the firm’s administrative team.

For members of our administrative staff and early career lawyers we also offer a monthly fitness allowance. Whether your outlet is the gym, yoga, team sports or hitting the pavement, we want to encourage you to maintain your fitness and mental well-being.

The first step

If you would like to find out more about a career at Lindsay Taylor Lawyers, please email us at careers@lindsaytaylorlawyers.com.au or call our CEO, Dr Matthew McNamara on 02 8235 9790.

You can read more about specific roles we are currently recruiting for below.

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