Posted on July 23, 2013 by Frances Tse

Boarding Houses Regulation 2013

Further to our previous blog on the commencement of the Boarding Houses Act 2012  (Act), the Boarding Houses Regulation 2013 (Regulation) containing supporting provisions to the Act commenced on 1 July 2013.

The Regulation:

  • prescribes further particulars that proprietors of registrable boarding houses must notify to the Commissioner,
  • prescribes that particulars of any enforcement action taken in respect of registrable boarding houses or their proprietors or staff that is recorded in the Register of boarding houses must be available online for public access,
  • prescribes the offences under the Act which are penalty notice offences and the penalty for those offences,
  • contains provisions supplementing the provisions in the Act relating to assisted boarding houses.

Assisted boarding houses are  boarding premises that provide beds, for a fee or reward, for use by 2 or more residents who are with additional needs (not counting any persons with additional needs who reside there with their competent relatives), or any other boarding premises declared to be an assisted boarding house, and that are required to be authorised and used in accordance with a boarding house licence or interim permit.

In respect of assisted boarding houses, the Regulation:

  • requires additional information to be provided by applicants for licences and permits,
  • requires additional probity checks for licence applications,
  • provides additional grounds for refusing to grant licences and interim permits,
  • provides additional grounds for revocation of interim permits,
  • prescribes conditions of authorisation for assisted boarding houses,
  • prescribes the records that must be kept and reporting requirements in respect of an assisted boarding house that is authorised.

Relevant authorities and proprietors of registrable boarding houses need to be aware of these additional requirements.