Revised Public-Private Partnership Guidelines Published by NSW OLG

25 Apr, 2022

On 7 March 2022, the Office of Local Government (‘OLG‘) released a new circular to councils regarding two new guidelines: the Public-Private Partnerships Guidelines (‘PPP Guidelines‘) and the Formation of Corporations and Entities (Section 358) Guideline. Although some interrelationship between two…

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Discussion Paper on the Local Government Tendering Regulation Review

15 Sep, 2021

Earlier this month, the Office of Local Government published a discussion paper titled ‘Local Government Tendering Regulation Review‘ (‘Discussion Paper‘) concerning the tendering provisions in Part 7 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021 (‘Regulation‘). The Discussion Paper proposes amendments to…

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A New Pathway for the Procurement of Legal Services

11 Feb, 2021

The spending of public money and the awarding of public sector contracts are areas that are rightfully subject to substantial regulation and scrutiny. Ensuring the procurement process is both efficient and effective for both agencies and service providers is not…

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Amendments to Local Government Act 1993

25 Jun, 2019

The Local Government Amendment Act 2019 (‘Amendment Act‘) received assent on 25 June 2019. The Amendment Act introduces several amendments to the Local Government Act 1993 (‘LG Act‘), two of which are considered to be of particular interest to those…

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Cyber Security and Local Government: Managing IT Providers

21 Mar, 2019

The use of  information technology  systems for internal management functions, to provide services and information to their communities and to exercise regulatory functions is integral to the day to day operation of governmental organisations. External providers are commonly used to…

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