Posted on July 2, 2014 by Lindsay Taylor

LTL: Our second decade…

1 July 2014 marked LTL’s 10th anniversary. On behalf of the entire firm, I would like to publicly thank you, our clients, for your support over the last 10 years.

The firm was formed to ensure that our clients could continue to have access to accurate, clear and practical legal services of the highest quality. We have never lost sight of that goal, and the fact that so many of the clients who showed faith in our new firm by engaging us in 2004 are still with us a decade on is a real cause for celebration. Credit for so much of that lies with the talented and dedicated team – both legal and administrative – that we have managed to gather during that time.

In addition to our anniversary, 1 July also marks a significant step in ensuring the ongoing ability of our firm to service the needs of our clients with the evolution of LTL into a partnership: Megan Hawley, Stuart Simington, Carlo Zoppo, and Sue Puckeridge have all now formally joined me in partnership.  Dr Matthew McNamara, our Director of Operations for the last 7 years, has assumed the new role of Chief Executive Officer.

For you, our clients, the changes will be minimal. All of our lawyers will continue to be available to work with all our clients – as individual expertise, working relationships, and capacity dictates. As Senior Partner, my involvement with our clients both in terms of our overall relationship and in day-to-day legal matters will remain unchanged. Megan, Stuart, and I have worked seamlessly as a team for significantly longer than a decade and will continue to do so.  The arrival of Carlo and Sue strengthens this senior team significantly, and their individual areas of expertise should be of benefit to all our clients.

1 July 2014 also marks the appointment of Frances Tse and Chris Campbell as Senior Associates. As many of you know, Frances and Chris are an integral part of the LTL family and this promotion serves as a well deserved recognition of both their skills as lawyers and the dedication they have demonstrated to the firm and its clients, not only during the past year but throughout their entire time with us.

Together, as a team, we look forward to working with you, as we start this our second decade.