Posted on December 6, 2023 by Lindsay Taylor

Revised NSW Local Infrastructure Contributions Practice Notes on Public Exhibition

The Department of Planning and Environment is publicly exhibiting a new set of local infrastructure contribution practice notes and seeking feedback until Friday 23 February 2024.

The Department’s website states that it ‘has undertaken the first comprehensive rewrite of all local infrastructure contributions practice notes since 2005‘.

The new practice notes appear as webpages on the NSW Planning Portal and are organised into modules dealing with specific policy topics. There is also a downloadable dedicated feedback form on the Department’s website.

The five new new practice notes are:

  1.  The local infrastructure contributions system practice note
  2.  Section 7.11 contributions practice note
  3.  Section 7.12 levies practice note
  4.  Planning agreements practice note
  5.  Administering contributions practice note

The Department’s website also states:

‘The practice notes have been rewritten to modernise the guidance and make them easier to use. The updates include simplifying the language, expanding on best practice guidance and providing worked examples.’

As many of our readers know, local infrastructure contributions, including section 7.11 contributions, section 7.12 levies, planning agreements and works-in-kind agreements are a significant part of our practice. We will post more detailed commentary on the new practice notes in the near future.