Civil Liability – When is a risk obvious?

23 Jul, 2019

In the recent case of Council of the City of Sydney v Bishop [2019] NSWCA 157, the Court of Appeal has analysed the operation of s5F of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (CL Act).  This section sets out the meaning of…

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Jurisdictional Prerequisites to Grant of Consent

30 May, 2019

This update will consider two recent decisions of the Land and Environment Court in which Commissioners, when determining appeals in Class 1 of the Court’s jurisdiction, declined to grant development consent on jurisdictional grounds.

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What is a residential building?

22 Jul, 2013

The NSW Court of Appeal recently handed down its decision in GrainCorp Operations Ltd v Liverpool Plains Shire [2013] NSWCA 171 throwing into question the line of authority which had previously interpreted the term ‘residential buildings’ (or similar terms) within an…

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