Posted on May 14, 2024 by Megan Hawley


Further to previous posts regarding the TOD Provisions inserted into the Housing SEPP and issues with the mapping, the mapping now appears differently to how it did when first released.

Instead of the maps showing a ‘transport oriented development area’ defined by a red circle, and ‘transport oriented development sites’ shown in blue, there is now only one option on the mapping which when selected shows lots hatched. See below image for the area around Roseville Station:

It is also now easier to find the mapping. On the NSW Spatial viewer, linked here, the drop down menu on the left can be used to access:

State Environmental Planning Policies

            SEPP (Housing) 2021

                        Transport Oriented Development Sites Map

The TOD Provisions, despite having commenced operation yesterday, are not currently appearing in the Housing SEPP on the NSW legislation website.

However, the drafting of the provisions was previously to the effect that the provisions apply to a ‘Transport Oriented Development Area’ shown on the Transport Oriented Development Sites Map.

By clicking on the Transport Oriented Development Sites Map there is no longer any reference to a ‘transport oriented development area’, but the hatching on the sites appears.

I assume the spatial viewer will be amended to indicate that the hatched sites are the ‘transport oriented development area’ to properly interact with the TOD Provisions.

The new mapping resolves the question about whether land partially within and partially outside of the red circle can rely on the TOD Provisions, as now whole lots are hatched.

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