Posted on August 15, 2014 by and Matthew McNamara

UPDATE: LTL proud to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in the 2014 City2Surf


Congratulations and thanks to our runners and support team for a great effort on Sunday. To date, we have raised over $2,200 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in our first City2Surf.  

For those of you who have already donated money, we thank you for your support; for those who have yet to do so, there is still time via our  City2Surf supporters page.

“Reading opens doors.” It is that simple. As a group and individually, we at LTL believe that being exposed to books and a love of learning is one of the greatest opportunities that any young person can receive.

The work that the Indigenous Literacy Foundation has done to date in seeking to address the appalling literacy levels in remote indigenous communities across Australia – by getting books into the hands of kids – is something that is easy to support. Each of us who works at LTL had those opportunities growing up and we believe that all Australians deserve that chance.

As such, when 7 of our team decided to run in this year’s City2Surf (to be held on 10 August), the Indigenous Literacy Foundation seemed like a logical focus for our fundraising endeavours. And we would invite you – our readers – to join us in helping them, and to give generously either directly to the ILF or via our City2Surf supporters page.

If you happen to be running on the day or watching on the sidelines, please also keep an eye out for our LTL logo and cheer our team on. Only 1 of our 7 runners has entered the City2Surf before, and while lunchtime training is well underway, I am sure all support (charitable and otherwise) will be greatly appreciated.